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Firewood Rack

The firewood rack is a key component to efficiently manage your firewood. The main purpose of a firewood holder is to hold your wood so that it can dry and cure properly. Keeping it off the ground will allow you to develop seasoned dry firewood that will burn easier. It will also help prevent some infestations from termites or other bugs as well. Firewood racks make it easier to access your firewood when you need to load your stove or fireplace.

If you are not lucky enough to have a firewood shed or other indoor firewood storage area, you will need to find an outdoor firewood rack. Being that it will be exposed to the elements, you will need to look closely at the design. Many manufactured firewood racks are metal. They are generally effective and will keep their strength over time. A metal rack is susceptible to rusting and will leave rust stains on your patio or other outdoor areas. Plastic racks can warp in the sun and are generally not as strong and probably should be avoided. A home made firewood rack may be the way to go, given that it is cheapest and offers the most flexibility in design. This may be the only option for areas with uneven ground, for example. It is fairly easy to do and there are many firewood rack plans on the internet.

You need to be careful about the ground where you are placing your log rack. Make sure that there is no debris that could knock over the logs in a hard storm for example. Also keep in mind of the moisture in the ground as you donít want a hard rain to collapse the soil underneath your firewood rack.

Finally, be sure to cover your firewood on the top and on the top 1/3 of the wood stack with a tarp or other water blocking item. This will prevent water from hitting your firewood directly. Do not tightly cover your firewood as this will prevent the air from drying the firewood.

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