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Choosing a Wood Stove Insert

One of the easiest ways to install a wood stove into your home is to pick up a wood stove insert; a ready-made metal wood stove that simply slides into the cavity left by your original fireplace. Attractive yet unobtrusive, inserts are easy to install and easily provide more than enough heat for several adjacent rooms.

Wood stoves are generally made from cast iron or plate steel, and most incorporate a glass panel into the front of the unit to allow you to watch the flames as they dance inside the stove, and also prevents heat loss up the chimney when the stove itself is not in use. They are far easier to clean and maintain than standard fireplaces, and do not have the same problem with soot buildup that a standard fireplace may have.

By preventing heat loss through the stone and masonry, wood stove inserts allow heat to circulate for longer inside the house, and many are fitted with quiet electric fans to aid in the circulation and flow of the warm air.

If you do find yourself plumping for a wood stove, there are several things you need to do before making your initial purchase and choosing the stove itself. Firstly, ensure that the chimney and fireplace is cleaned and inspected by a certified technician before making any kind of decision. Then spend a few days mulling over websites and literature to familiarize yourself with modern wood stoves before starting out on the hunt.

When you do start looking for stoves, the first thing you need to do is to work out exactly what you want from it. What size of room will you be trying to heat? The larger the room, the larger the stove you will need to purchase in order to achieve adequate heat coverage. Are there any young children or pets to which a stove may present a safety hazard? How much are you willing to spend to fuel the stove, and how long do you intend to keep it on each month?

Once you have answered these questions and selected a stove suitable for you, the final important consideration is installation and maintenance. Always check if the supplier you have chosen can fit the stove for you, and are they willing to maintain it if it goes down? Always, always make sure you buy your stove from a reputable retailer, and ask to see safety certificates and other qualifications before purchase.

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