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Wood Stove Heat Shield

HY-C Company Floor Protector/Wall Shield — Brick Pattern

A wood stove heat shield is another important part of the heater setup. Local zoning laws and manufacturer recommendations require a certain minimum safe distance for wood heaters from walls and ceilings. Typically, this part is installed as a way to reduce these clearances and/or add another level of safety around the home.

Newer wood stoves may have a heat shield installed as part of the body itself. In this case, no additional part may be needed. Check with the manufacturer on the setup though. For most older stoves, the heat creating spaces are pretty well exposed and will need an additional add-on, especially if you are looking to install in a tighter space.

Note that these shields are often a separate part from the hearth pads. Hearth pads are designed for heat protection on the floors and surrounding areas only, and have their own safety guidelines.

Safe stove spacing varies by stove and local building laws. A general rule of thumb is 18 inches from all combustible surfaces. No surface away from the stove should be allowed to exceed ninety degrees.

Heat shields can be installed on both the wall or to the stove itself. The choice is up to you, in most cases you won't need both types installed. Keep in mind that you will usually need to get a manufacturer custom part for install.

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