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Wood Stove Grate

Vogelzang Grate for Deluxe Boxwood Stove — Model# 26G

The wood stove grate is a part that we get many questions about. Many customers want to know if they need to purchase them for their units if they don't have them. Others are simply looking for a replacement. We'll address both issues.

Whether you need this part depends on the type of stove you have, the size, and personal preference. You should first check your owner's manual, as some brands recommend these outright. Vogelzang, for example, recommends them on many of their models. They are very popular on the Boxwoods. A grate can give your stove fire a better draft, and help with managing the ash and coals. The hot coals stay elevated while the ash drops, making it easier for cleanup while heating. Some users find that a grate takes up too much space in their unit though.

You'll find many different types of grates, including duplex, triplex, rectangular, dock ash, square, and round. Again, the best fit or model should be the one either recommended by your owner's manual, or by the parts dealer. Most will be happy to help you choose.

If you are replacing an old grate, obviously the best choice is a replacement unit from your manufacturer. They may be more expensive, but they will definitely fit and match the decor of your current stove. If they are not available from the maker, the best thing to do is measure your current unit carefully and try to find a replacement that matches it in shape and size.

Keep in mind that these parts should be seasoned, either by creating several smaller fires or placing them in your oven. This will help with the longevity on the cast iron.



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