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Wood Stove Gasket

The wood stove gasket is the sealing part between doors and other moving metal parts of your heater. It helps make the stove airtight and if it is not functioning properly you won't get a proper fire efficiency.

The door gasket is a common point fo failure, but also make sure to check ashtrays or pans, air intakes, and anywhere there may be a seal needed. This check should be done yearly before the heating season kicks in. For doors, if they seem to be loose, then that is a good indicator that the gasket should be replaced. If you have a yearly inspection from a professional, it might be worth getting the parts ahead of time so they can do it for you.

Most manufacturers have gasket available as a part, or you can order it from a local supplier or website. Its best to get the type that is made specifically for your stove. You'll also want to get gasket cement, which is specifically made for this type of part. Other adhesives may not hold up to the heat and abuse a door and other parts will take over the life of your heater. Gasket cement is designed to cure with the heat.

You'll have to pull off the old gasket and the cement as well. Use a scraper or wire wheel to clean that away. You should only need to put down a thin layer. Test your doors and pans to make sure there is a tight seal without bunching up. Its much tougher to redo it once it dries.

When the surface is completely clean, apply a thin layer of new gasket cement, and push the gasket in place. If you are re-gasketing a door, close the door to make sure the gasket is pushed in properly. If it is bunched up, the door might not close, and you don't want to find that out when it is dry!







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