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wood stove flue

Wood Stove Flue

It is critical to control the air moving in and out of your wood stove. Improper ventilation can cause health issues and be a fire hazard.The wood stove flue helps control this.  A flue pipe is a vital part of the exhaust system of the wood stove installation.

The flue gases which are released as a result of combustion of wood fuel are hotter than the normal temperature and automatically go upward so it is preferred to install the wood stove flue and chimney in the upward direction. This sounds obvious but you would be surprised. You should also avoid kinks or bends in the piping as well. This will keep your room smoke free.
Although there are many different types of flue systems but mostly three types of flue systems are used: Double skin insulated flue, Single skin flue, Flexible Flue Liners.

Double skin flue is composed of a double layer of stainless steel. It is suitable for the ventilation of very hot gases at high temperatures.

Single skin flues are available in different lengths and sizes. They are also available with the partially bended or completely bended form.

Similarly flexible flue liners are also available in the market which are flexible and can bend in any direction. These flues can easily bear the stress and strains of stretching and being pulled. It can also withstand high temperatures.

Installing the flue is a critical job and it is very important to install the flue properly due safety reasons. You can hire a professional to install your wood stove flue. To install the flue you have to take out the chimney damper. And measure the size and dimensions of the chimney opening as it is very important to consider the size of the flue. The flue size must be according to the size of the chimney otherwise it may cause possible safety hazards. You can then get the flue according to the size of the chimney from the market easily and if you like to do things yourself then you can even make one by using steel or metal sheets. Remember that the inside and outside diameter of the flue must be correct so that it can be properly installed in the chimney.

These days you can even purchase the stove flues online from any reputed stove selling company or a dealer. Wood stove flue is a must when it comes to health and safety while using wood stoves.


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