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Wood Stove Door

The wood stove door is one of the most critical parts in your home heater. Unfortuneatly, its often susceptible to the most breakdowns. Wtih all the loading, unloading, lighting and managing the fire, it takes a lot of abuse.

The material is important to consider. While it will most often match the stove itself (steel to steel, iron to iron, etc..). You may have options when ordering a replacement. Its generally better to stick as close as possible to the original factory door. If ordering with glass, just know that the extra light may result in a little more maintenance down the road.

Key parts of this structure include the gasket, the hinges, and the glass or viewing area. Glass has become very popular in recent years as it gives homes that roaring fire look. Unfortuneatly, you can have issues with it. Find out more about wood stove glass.

The hinges can be a common point of failure as well. If you need grease, definitely don't grab for your WD-40! You'll need a heat resistant grease, such as Permatex Anti-Seize grease. But, while effective, it only generally lasts for a few fires before needing to be re-applied. In addition, it can be a mess to handle. A better option, if you can get it, is a graphite lubricant. They can be had at most locks stores and many hardware stores as well. These generally can be applied once per season to eliminate those hinge squeaks, and is heat resistant.

The gasket is another piece of the door that can fail. It basically forms the airtight seal between the fire and the outside. We talk in more length in another article about wood stove gaskets.








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