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Vogelzang The Performer TR009 Wood Stove

General Review: The Vogelzang "Performer" wood stove is an EPA certified, heavy duty, high efficiency wood stove that can handle most homes' average square footage very easily. It has a full load burn time of nearly twelve hours which means no more cold mornings or getting up throughout the night to fill the wood stove to keep it burning and keep the house warm. It has a cool touch handle for safety, as well as a large ash pan for easy cleaning so this wood stove is easy to use and maintain to keep your home toasty warm. The "Performer" wood stove is perfect for those cold winter nights wherever you happen to be located. This wood burning stove is an excellent addition to any room of your home with its sleek, modern look that can add to nearly every décor you could have. It's also backed by a one year warranty so you know you are getting a quality product that will last you for years and years.

Key Features:

With 3/16" reinforced plate steel, you know you are getting a heavy duty wood stove that is high quality and built to last. This stove has many key features that are useful and ones you won't want to live without once you experience them with the "Performer".

  • 119,000 BTU
  • Heats up to 2,200 square feet easily
  • Blower is included with the stove
  • Up to 12 hours of burn time on a full load of wood
  • Fire box can hold up to 25 pounds of wood
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on parts
  • EPA certified which means federal tax credits on purchase


Because it is an EPA certified high efficiency stove, it qualifies for the federal tax rebate that can help offset the cost of upgrading to a high efficiency wood burning stove. This can mean a lot of long term savings for you. This wood stove is also very easy to use and beginners have found it easy to set up and begin using. It looks great in any room of your house and it is a great centerpiece. With a long burn time, you won't have any more cold mornings, and you won't have to get up multiple times throughout the night to replenish the stove's stock of wood - the burn time on a full load of wood is nearly twelve hours, more than enough time to get you through many a cold winter night. Vogelzang stands by its product with a one year manufacturer's warranty on parts. It is also very competitively priced, often with free shipping.


Many of the customers that have purchased this wood burning stove have reported that it only easily heats about half of the square footage that Vogelzang claims it will heat. Many satellite rooms do not heat well during cold nights as the blower is not efficient enough to distribute the heat to all rooms of the home adequately so the main room stays comfortable but the adjacent rooms are cool. Many report the blower being unusually loud for not being as efficient as it could be. This stove does not put out an adequate amount of heat unless the stove has a full load of wood or it has been running for quite awhile which can make for cool nights when the temperature drops quickly.


It is easy to use and setup, but keep in mind the heating capacity of this stove. The rated square footage numbers are a little generous. Vogelzand stoves are very fairly priced so this may be a good value.



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