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Vogelzang Boxwood Bx26E

Vogelzang Boxwood Stove BX26E

General Review

Vogelzang has been making wood stoves for a long time and they've got safe, efficient heating with wood stoves down to a science. They are known for their excellent quality and affordability and Vogelzang Boxwood Stoves can be found in homes wherever the cold may be. The Boxwood Stove model BX26E is no exception to their excellent workmanship and like all of Vogelzang's products it is covered by a one-year warranty and you will always be able to find replacement parts for their products at a woodstoves store near you or online. Durability and long term usability are at the forefront of Vogelzang's boxwood stove line of woodstoves and that makes them one of the most popular woodstove brands available.

Key Features

The Boxwood Stove BX26E has a fully sealed wood box for safe, efficient heating of your home, as well as a spring handle that is always cool to the touch. These excellent safety features make the BX26E a great addition to any home needing a woodstove replaced, or just an additional source of heat. The included lifter allows for easy use the two lift-out lids for use of a frying pan or teakettle. For convenience, the swing away top allows for easy refueling, and the slide out ash plate for easy cleaning. The BX26E is versatile and is perfect for use in a home where an extra cooking or heating surface may be needed.

Having a Vogelzang Boxwood Stove BX26E is a very cost effective way to heat a large area of your home (if not your whole home), whether you are trying to heat one room or a central room with smaller rooms attached. The stove itself is affordable, and the price of wood is oftentimes cheaper than using natural gas or oil as a way of heating a home. The Vogelzang BX26E is sturdy and is built without all of the unnecessary bells and whistles that can break or just make a simple stove seem too big a centerpiece for a room.

The seams around the wood box of the BX26E are not welded and are actually caulked. These seams need to be cleaned and re-caulked every once in awhile, which can be inconvenient for some. It may also need to be repainted occasionally as the sides turn white after some use due to the heat. The first few uses of your new Vogelzang Boxwood Stove may produce a strong and unpleasant odor, but this fades rather quickly.

Final Thoughts

Although the Vogelzang BX26E is not energy certified and does allow quite a bit of heat to escape, it still works very well to heat medium to large areas of a home. For those needing a source of heat quickly and affordably, the BX26E is a perfect choice and is an overall great buy for the price you can pay for one at a local woodstoves dealer or even online. It can even add an interesting and old-fashioned centerpiece to your home!

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