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Vogelzang BX42E Wood Stove Review

Also known as The Deluxe Boxwood Stove, the Vogelzang BX42E has fully sealed joints. That lets this all cast iron stove burn wood safely, while rendering the most heat. Because of its extra- large size, it is an excellent heating solution in workshops, basements, barns, and cabins.

Technical features of importance include:

  • Length, including Hearth .......... 37"
  • Overall Height ........................ 29"
  • Overall Width ......................... 25"
  • Firebox Depth ........................ 29"
  • Firebox Width................     ......15"
  • Round Flue Size... ................... 6"
  • Door (Opening)....................... 12" x 10.5"

The BTU Rating of this one hundred per cent cast iron stove is 106,000. It weighs 175 pounds. The customer must provide the stove pipe, as it is not included. For best results, use quality, seasoned wood.

A 36" clearance is required for the corner, side, and rear wall.

The Vogelzang BX42E is ideal for most permanent structures, especially cabins, barns, and workshops. The two 8" lift out cook lids are removable using the lid lifter. There are two areas for cooking. That makes it possible to cook breakfast in the skillet while perking coffee or boiling water in the teakettle. Logs up to 27" logs can be put in the stove. 

The spring handle is cool to the touch. There is a built-in damper-collar with a 6" flue. The feed door has a gasket that is designed to provide a tight seal. Quite a bit of heat is delivered, thanks to the cast iron construction.  

The stove pipe you have in place now may fit the 6" flue, as that is a fairly common size. The front door has a spin draft to help keep the fire even. The removable slide damper eases the ash-cleaning task, and can be used to control the draft. This wood stove may not to be installed in mobile homes, manufactured homes, trailers, or tents.

Reviews by Consumers:

One thing consumers like is the heat given to the areas where the stove is installed. The cooking area on top has two burners. Assembly is easy. They like being able to use longer logs, and that the woodstove does not smoke if the damper is left open,

Consumers don't like the amount of wood the stove uses. There is concern about being burned on the stove pipe damper. They wish the stove was airtight.

Pros (+)

  • Small spaces heat quickly
  • Double cooking spot is great safeguard if power goes out
  • Easy to light

Cons (-)

  • Too much heat put out at times
  • The stove cannot be installed in mobile homes

The stove ranges in price from $230 to $300. This product is useful for small areas needing heated, such as workshops, basements, and cabins. The MBTU wood rating, firewood amounts available, and local EPA standards have bearing on the use of this product. Good room insulation will increase the heat retained.  

Cold weather area customers who have access to a lot of firewood will benefit using this wood stove.  Use a heavy duty tea kettle on the wood stove to add humidity to the air. The ability to use 27 inch logs is another benefit of the Vogelzang BX42E.

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