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Vermont Castings Majestic

General Review:
Vermont Castings was born in Vermont and they are still working in Vermont. They had their 35th anniversary recently - marking how long have they been in business. Vermont Castings is a company that has vast experience in creating handmade cast iron stoves and fireplaces. They also take a lot of pride in their work. They work hard to make sure that everything is done with great precision, taking care about details and ensuring that everything is done in a way so that their tradition remains true to the present. They want to make sure that people are getting warmth whilst using their products. Vermont Castings list fireplaces, stoves and grills as their products. They test their products rigorously in their laboratories and make sure that all of them pass their top standards. One of the important tests that Vermont Castings Majestic has passed is the test of time.

The Majestic is an electric stove, but has the same excellent craftsmanship of a standard issue Vermont Castings stove. It has the quality of design which is the spirit of Vermont Castings. It is a great replacement for a wood stove if you do not want to cut wood every time you want to get warm. It also features the realistic look of an actual wood stove. Although you do not have to cut wood, you do need to plug it into an electrical socket.

Key Features:
. . Easy installation and it requires just a regular 120v outlet
. It is good for any type of home, apartment, cottage, condominium, etc
. It can be moved without problem from one part of a room to another, or to completely different house
. There is also a choice of operating it with or without heat
. It has on and off controls for ease of operation
. It is easy to maintain
. It features power of 1.450w
. It has a BTU of 4.500
. The heat distribution is even and it uses a quiet fan system
. It simulated a flame and burning logs
. It has a deep and glowing ember bed which is done without mirrors
. Safety glass panel is included
. Total weight is 85lbs

It saves you the trouble of either buying or cutting the wood yourself. It is simple to use and much safer than using an actual wood stove. Another upside of Vermont Castings Majestic is that it has realistic look and is great used as an electric heater. If you want to replace your fireplace, or are unable to have fireplace, this is great alternative. The animated flames do look amazingly real. One of the downsides when using a regular wood stove is that you have to wait for the wood to catch fire and only then do you start to feel the heat, whereas this electric stove heats up much faster than a wood stove. It is also much easier to clean than a wood stove.

It has been reported that there were problems with setting up the temperature. It seems that the temperature control is not that precise. With regarding quiet fans - not everyone agrees on the definition of 'quiet'. It would be nicer if it were bigger, as it seems somewhat smaller than one would expect.

Final Thoughts:

In summarizing this product it is to be noted that it has a big advantage considering the amount of work required, which is very little compared to other stoves. It is great because the only thing that you have to worry about to get heat out of it is to remember to pay your electric bill. No need to chop wood or spending money on buying logs at the store. It is also great that it is not difficult to clean - unlike wood stoves, which require the removal of ash, which is definitely not a nice thing to have to do. There are not that many disadvantages in respect of this product. It's also much more portable than some other stoves. Probably the most important advantage with this electrical stove is the fact that the chances of burning the house down as a result of misuse are small.

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