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Vermont Castings Aspen

General Review:
These days, almost every brand in most industries offers different price ranges to accommodate customers of different financial capabilities. It became a trend among consumers, however, to get the best value for money, and since then, companies have significantly improved the quality of their economical product lines. This is quite true with the wooden stove industry, especially with the Vermont Castings Aspen wood stove. Some have even called it a perfect choice for economical wooden stoves.

Key Features:
. The Vermont Castings Aspen wood stove offers very tough cast iron construction.
. It uses a non-catalytic clean burning technology, which makes for more efficient burning.
. It has an easy to clean ash pan.
. It has an IR coated ceramic viewing glass.
. It operates with a thermostat.
. It has a heating capacity of 1,800 sq. feet.
. Its low height makes it ideal for fireplace installations.
. Its sculpted exterior gives it a nice aesthetic touch different from most other wooden stoves of the same price range.

With most wooden stoves, one occasionally has to keep a door slightly open to get a draft of air in the room and get the heat going, although most of these cases have to do with bad chimneys (too big, too many bends, etc.). The Aspen wooden stove is one such stove, but it doesn't usually take much to get a place warmed up after that. It can raise the temperature very comfortably thanks to its thermostat controls. Very efficient and clean burning, it isn't a chore cleaning the viewing glass (which tends to stay fairly clean) or the ash pan afterward, quite unlike a few other wooden stoves within the same price range. To top it off, it has designs sculpted on its exterior that gives it kind of a more expensive feel, which is something else uncommon with wooden stoves of the same price range.

While cleaning the ash pan and the viewing glass may not be much of a chore, some customers have found that other parts of the stove, usually vents like the front air holes, get clogged rather quickly and that they need to be cleared every now and then. Accessing these areas is apparently not easy since it requires the user to disassemble the stove a bit thoroughly, which most buyers find difficult. This problem, though, is quite characteristic of wooden stoves. Some of them have also reported that the paint tends to come off when wiped with a damp cloth, although black paint can be easily redone.

Final Thoughts:

Among economical wooden stoves, the Aspen has proven its value for money quite conclusively with its features, and as far as heating is concerned, it performs admirably with its thermostat controls. It might need some thorough cleaning of air holes every now and then, but it is, after all, a wooden stove, and the cleaning comes with the territory. Overall, the Vermont Castings Aspen wood stove is a performer among economical stoves, and is worth the price.

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