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Tent Wood Stove

If your looking to go camping but are looking for something a notch up from a backpacking heater, a tent wood stove may be what your are looking for. Obviously you can't bring your huge home heating behemoth with you, but these are the next best thing.

First you'll have to consider the size of the stove. Like home heaters most are rated for a certain tent area. Like home heaters, you'll want to a bigger heater than the size of the tent. You can never have too much heating capacity, and you can always reduce the heat if you are too warm. The size and weight of the stove is a concern as well. If you are lucky, you may have a campspot that you can return to year after year and you can stash your stove nearby so the size isn't as big of a problem. If its rugged terrain, you'll need a smaller version.

A collapsible stove is an option for size considerations. With these units, the pipes and other parts breakdown and can be folded inside the unit. While more portable, it also is not as efficient as all of the portable parts prevent a totally airtight seal when assembled. Yes, your tent will probably get smoky.

A lighter weight stove, or backpacking or camping stove, is an option. However, these units are usually flimsier and have thinner metal parts. This will cause them to wear out quicker. At the least, get a galvanized box as that will protect against rust. Rolled steel will rust and burn through over time.

You may also have the option of pellet vs. log fuel. Its up to you. If you are out in the wilderness where log fuel is plentiful then going that route makes sense.

Remember fire safety as well. Even though most tents are rated to be fire-resistant, hot sparks can still burn a hole through the material. In additional, like home heaters, the stoves should have a test burn at home to help cure the paint and get a good burn-in on the stove. Better to get familiar with it in your backyard than out at the campsite!






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