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Orley Wood Stove

Orley Wood Stoves

Orley wood stoves certainly won't win the beauty prize! These are some ugly heaters. Its almost like a barrel with a square door bolted on. Definitely no fashion points here!

They had their day back in the early 1980s. They were especially popular in the Pacific Northwest, WA and OR. I believe they ran into issues with the EPA as they weren't the cleanest burning units. Washington is especially tough on those types of things. Reportedly, they are still in business making stoves, although they are not EPA certified. . Reports are that they kicked out a decent amount of heat, so might be worth keeping if you have an old one. They were built solidly without a lot of breakdowns due to the ugly design. It will generate a lot of heat backwards because of the unorthodox design. You can tell you have one by the signature end door and the specially shaped cooking areas.

A popular model was the Baby Jane. This could handle up to 18 inch logs and could kick out up to 70000 btus, so nothing really Baby like about it!

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