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Kozi Pellet Stove

Kozi Pellet Stove

Kozi Pellet stoves are a smaller Canadian brand of pellet stove.  They’ve been in business since the late 1970s. Generally, the Kozis sell for less than a comparable Harman, so they have some reputation as an “entry-level” stove.  They can be quite a steal, especially for used models.  I’ve seen units barely two years old for around $700-$800 a piece.

Dealers and users have a mixed review of this brand overall.  Some installers have said that they are a solid heater at a good price.  Other dealers say that with the cheaper deal comes some additional headaches.  They have a little bit of a reputation as being picky on the pellets used.  Lower quality seems to cause an overload of ash.  In my opinion, you should use high quality pellets anyways, and proper stove cleaning should be on a tight schedule.

Some other nicer features include an accessible blower housing.  This allows some maintenance and upkeep on the motor, instead of just outright replacing it.

Some of their more popular models include:
Model 100 – This is the basic mainline pellet stove they offer.  Has decent heat output but will probably struggle to heat a full home.
Model 120 – This is more of a shop heater version and is more utilitarian in nature.
Bay Win –  This also comes in an insert model, and is one of the top of the line of the Kozi models.  Very nice looking with a big bay window, hence the name.
Previa – The cast iron version of their pellet stove.  Not as popular as the steel models.  Some might say it’s a little ugly too.

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