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Homemade Wood Stove

We get a lot of questions about homemade wood stoves. Basically people want to know how to do it or where to get plans to make one. Generally, I discourage this, especially for interiors, for several reasons.

Time and Materials- Working with sheet metal is never easy, even if you have plans and the parts. You may save a few bucks with the materials, but I find that most big DIY projects take about twice as long as promised, and twice the money once you ruin the materials on your first try!

Safety - Manufacturered stoves are safety and longevity tested to be safe. Your stove has no such safety record. It seems silly

Code violations - I hear about many instances where a manufactured wood stove has been installed incorrectly and violates code. Or worse, has been installed without a permit. You'll still need a permit to install your stove and there's always a possibility that the work won't pass permit inspection. If it doesn't, its on you.

Maintenance - If something breaks down on your firebox, you can't call a technician or use the warranty. Its all on you again.

Selling the home - On your home inspection, a DIY stove is going to raise red flags all over the place and will probably need to be removed, either by you or the new owners. Most home buyers won't want to use an unbranded homemade stove.

That said, for outdoor stoves such as barrel or rocket stoves, there are some interesting kits you can play around with. Having the heater outside gives you some more leeway for "experimentation. Keep safety first for sure though!






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