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Hearth Pads

Hearth pads can be a critical piece to your wood stove installation that can often be overlooked. Its important to consider from a safety and regulatory standpoint. They can also be called wood stove pads and wood stove boards as well.

The hearth pad is the part of the hearth construction that is underneath your stove and is responsible for installation the floor and immediate area from the heat. It may not be an actual one-piece pad, although it can be. Usually it is a combination of materials.

All wood stoves have recommended standards as outlined in the manuals. Definitely get a copy of this ahead of time so you can know what the requirements are. In addition, your local town or zone may have additional requirements for a wood stove installation. These may differ from the manufacturer. Make sure that your hearth setup will exceed both sets. Also know that for the sake of regulations, many inspectors do not consider hearth rugs. Basically anything that is not permanently attached shouldn't be included in the calculated clearances.

You need to consider both the size of the area and the insulation needed (R-value). A general rule of thumb for the size is the clearance to wall standards for the stove back and on the sides. The front needs at least eighteen inches of clearance, as hot wood embers and sparks are prone to popping out. Eighteen inches is not very much, so keep in mind this is just a minimum.

The insulation, or R-value, is the other main consideration for your setup. The basic idea is that different construction materials have different insulation values, and need to add up to match your manufacturer's recommended r-value. Some manuals may not list an R-value, but rather simply say UL Listed. Check with your dealer or contact the manufacturer to get an R-value in those situations.









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