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Harman P61

Harman P61

General Review:

The Harman P61 is a model that is well-regarded. Its been around for a few years now but it still continues strong.

Key Features

The P61 and P61A are nearly identical. The "A" model has an built-in auto ignitor, which can be quite handy especially for a pellet burner. Without the ignitor, the base model will be able to adjust heating between settings, but not turn off and reignite automatically. This auto-ignite will add a bit to the price. However, even with the ignitor it will often still be several hundred dollars cheaper than the XXV

Its rated at 2000 sq. ft. but I've seen it easily heat up to 2400 feet or so. It has a solid capacity at 132 lbs which can make it go for a solid week of heating. The ashpan is a good size and will handle multiple heatings fairfly easily.


Its extremely efficient with the pellets and can handle quite a few different levels of quality. While cleanings are always recommended, the burn pot is good with staying clean between maintenance. Its often spoken of as a nicer looking pellet burner. The ones built in the last 10 years or so have been known as being extremely reliable. It has a nicely designed ashpan. Its also easy to clean


It can take a little while for the unit to shut down at times. A while may mean several hours in some cases. While the burner may be off, the blower may keep going until fully cool. It's not a hazard, but can be confusing at first. While the blower isn't necessarily loud its not the quietest on the market.

Final Thoughts:

The Harman P61 is a nice looking and strong burning pellet stove to consider.


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