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Harman Advance

Harman Advance

The Harman Advance does certain live up to its name.  There’s a couple quirky aftermarket improvements that you may want to consider but overall it’s a solid stove.

This stove puts out a lot of heat for the rating.  Although it says 1500 sq. ft, there are many instances where its easily heated over 2000.  It also has a solid operating history and seems reliable from a repair standpoint.  The bay window is a nice touch if you’re one of those people who likes to view the fire.

Although the bay window is a great visual touch, it does have a downside.  The glass on this unit can tend to get dirty.  Although it has Harman’s airwash system, the bay window is large and hard to stay completely clean.  A dirty stove or bad pellets could be the cause though.  You’ll see it more on the left side of the stove due to the location of the suction fan for the airwash.  Its on the opposite side.
You may also want to consider lengthening the temperature probe, as it tends to get high readings from being in proximity to the stoves.  You can use common 18 gauge wire to do this.

Initially these had a few issues with the auger motor. If you’re getting a whining or screeching noise as pellets are loading, on a new stove, you may have a bad motor.  Check with your dealer as these should be under warranty.

If you have the outside air vent, which is an option, be sure to have the draft adjusted as well, or you may get issues with excess smoke or ignition problems.   This really should only be used for smaller homes though.  Using inside air only will simplify your installation.

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