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Hardy Wood Stove

If you hear about a Hardy Wood Stove, they are actually talking about their outdoor heater. Hardy Heaters are actually wood furnaces. They are based in Mississippi and only work on boilers and heaters.

The same pros and cons for furnaces apply to to the Hardys. They've been building them for 30 years so they have gotten a good reputation for quality. Their product line is pretty simple. They have a pellet model line and a regular log or standard model line, all wood-fired. Unfortunately, it looks like there are no coal-fired or multi-fuel models available to add flexibility.

The cordwood models are the H2, H3, H4, H5, H8, H25. The H2 and H3 are the smaller heaters rated at 120000 BTU and have a 100 gallon tank. The H4 and H5 are rated at 180000 BTUs and a 130 gallon tank. The H8 is the catalytic model rated at 150000 BTU and a 85 gallon tank and the H25 is the heavy duty model rated at 250000 BTU and a 250 gallon tank . The H3 and H5 are also rated as "economy" models but honestly there is nothing in the specs to suggest that they consume less fuel.

The main pellet burner unit is the KBP270. It rates out at 120000 BTU and a 40 gallon water tank. I'm not sure why they went with a smaller 40 Gallon water tank on these but definitely keep it in mind, especially when compared to the other H models.





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