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Garden Wood Stove

Do you enjoy cooking food over an open flame? Do you like taking your meals outside in the fresh air? Do you want something that allows you to cook things like Dutch oven food, pizzas, and even casseroles? Or are you looking to add a rustic quality, or a certain warmth to your back yard or garden? If you answered any of these questions with a yes, you might be looking for a garden wood stove. They can be used for cooking, or can be entirely decorative. Garden stoves can even be used for warmth, like indoor fireplaces.

Garden models are very similar to indoor stoves. Like indoor fireplaces, they have a firebox and a chimney. They come in just as many styles and varieties as indoor fireplaces. These stoves also require less cleaning than their indoor counterparts, but it will need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. If you find you enjoy cooking outside, your garden stove can be just the first step in an entire outdoor kitchen.

If you are considering purchasing one, be sure to check your local laws. Some areas do not allow purely decorative stoves, or it might be classified as a fire hazard.

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