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Ceramic Wood Stove  

Ceramic Wood Stove

A ceramic wood stove is a infrequently found home heater. Most stoves these days are made out of steel or cast iron. However, in the 1800s they were much more widespread. They were seen as a sign of great wealth and taste. More generic manufacturing methods were introduced in the 20th century, but by then iron and steel were the main components. Many of the old ceramic stoves are now antiques. However, they usually aren't great sources of heat as new recent emissions regulations have rendered those obsolete.

The advantages of ceramic is that they are good heat sources, much like a soapstone or other substance. The outsides are often lighter and more apt to fit in with traditional home decor than a dark steel or iron heater. They can be decorated quite elaborately.

Ceramic wood stoves are wood burning stoves that are made out of ceramic tiles. Popular in the nineteenth century, these stoves were far too expensive to produce in mass numbers, and as a result, you would find that only the wealthiest people had these rare and artistic pieces. Ceramic wood stoves did not gain in popularity even though the manufacturing process would have become easier and cheaper throughout the years. Mainly that’s a result of the fact that wood stoves in general were replaced by cheaper or more efficient ways of heating a home, especially as more and more houses had electricity after the beginning of the twentieth century. Ceramic wood stoves are undoubtedly beautiful, but they are considered to be antique pieces, and in some cases, antique pieces of art.

There's only a few manufacturers currently marking them now. The Ceramic Stove Company is one offhand that I can think of.






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