Taylor Stoves

Taylor Stoves are known for its innovative water stoves. Using these types are safer and cleaner as the stove is installed outside the house. There is practically no risk associated with inhaling the hazardous gases. Whereas in case of in-house fireplaces there is a higher risk of damage due to fire explosion, there is no such risk in outside fireplaces. They also don

Taylor stoves are very economic to use as they are designed so as to burn up anything such as the unsplit woods, green logs etc. It takes in less wood and effectively produces more heat. The stove is a good option for year round heat and domestic hot water supply. The insulation of the stove helps it retain the heat within the stove without any loss to the surroundings. It burns clean; even the secondary gases are burnt at over 1200 degrees increasing the heating capacity and decreasing the emissions.
Double By-Pass technology:  Structure of the Taylor stove consists of a big firebox surrounded by a tank of water. The integrated double by-pass flue makes the water heating maximum. This feature enables the continuous supply of stored heat by water even when there is no actual fire burning. This feature can be beneficial in that once the wood is burnt there is no need to immediately put new wood as the stove continues to emit heat. This will take care of overnight burning issues. The stove is controlled by an automatic thermostat placed within the house. This makes uniform heating throughout the house possible.

Taylor wood stoves are a true example of intricate quality construction. The outer structure, door, heat exchanger, draft control, firebox all are made with high standard raw material and specifications. Every Taylor product is very durable and performs well year after year.
Below are some of the top models:

T 450H: This stove is efficient for heating 2000Sq.Mt. of area. with the input of 115,000BTU’s. It heats 360 gal of water and the burning period is 12-24 hours.

T 750H: This is a bigger stove and heats up to 4000Sq.Ft. of area and 600 gal. of water. Its heating potential is 165,000BTU’s.

T1000: This stove heats up the area of 7000Sq.Ft. and 800 gal. of water. The burning time is 8 hr for this stove.

The Taylor stoves come with additional options and accessories to modify the stove as per your usage. The models T450 and T750 come with 6 years of manufacturer’s warranty.


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