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Jotul F400 Castine

General Review:

The Jotul F 400 Castine is a freestanding wood stove that is designed to be a decorative centerpiece and a secondary heat source in any home.  The stove comes with quality craftsmanship and a design that allows for enhanced fire viewing thanks to the air-washed glass.  It comes in several colors including a blue-black, matte black paint, blue majolica, ivory or brown enamel.

The design of this stove is quite elaborate.  The front of the stove features a single Gothic arched door.  There are also interior burn plates that further contribute to the overall nautical design theme of the stove.  There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to this stove which should be carefully considered before making a decision whether or not to purchase this particular stove model.

Key Features:


  • One Air Control Lever
  • Durable Cast Iron Construction
  • Bottom Ash Pan That Is Easily Accessible
  • Non-catalytic Clean Burn Technology
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Approved for Both Alcoves and Mobile Homes in the United States and Canada
  • Maximum Heat Output: 55,000 BTU/hr
  • Flue outlet: Rear and Top


The advantages of this stove include the fact that it emits very low pollution.  The emissions rate is just 3.77 grams/hours making this stove quite eco-friendly.  The government in the United States has also qualified purchasers of this stove for a $1,500 tax credit to thanks to its environmentally friendly design.  However in order to take advantage of this tax credit, buyers must make sure that they purchase the stove from a properly authorized dealer.
In additional to that it can heat a radius of up to 1600 square feet so many will very useful during the winter months in very cold locations.  It is designed to allow wood to continue burning for up to 8 hours making it simple to heat your home for the entire night.  You can also fit logs of a length of up to 20 inches inside of this stove.  The stove boasts an efficiency of over 75% making the waste of wood logs very minimal.

Thanks to the easily accessible bottom ash pan, the stove is very easy to clean.  There are also a number of accessories included with this stove such as a short leg kit, fire screen, floor bracket kit, and rear heat shield. One of the finest features of the stove includes the spring-loaded latching door system. 
The stove is also durable and well made.  There have been very minimal reports of this stove malfunctioning or parts of the stove breaking down.  This stove has been designed to last through the use of quality materials.


Although the advantages of this stove are numerous, there is room for improvement to the design.  The firebox is small which can make trips back and forth to the wood pile numerous.  In addition to this, smoke can also be an issue unless the wood being burned is extremely well dried.  There have been reports that it can be difficult to keep the fire burning as well, however it is undetermined as to whether that is an issue with the stove itself or the wood being used to start the file.  The manufacturer recommends that the wood be properly dried before attempting to use the wood in the stove.

This stove also weighs in on the heavier side for these types of stoves at 375 lbs.  This can make moving the stove to another room quite difficult so a firm decision about where the stove will be located in the home will need to be made.  The stove should also be firmly secured to the floor once this final resting place is determined before its initial use.

Final Thoughts:

Overall the Jotul Castine Stove is a good value and great for anybody looking for a secondary heat source for their home in the winter.  Its decorative design will likely attract any person looking for a well designed stove that is also aesthetically pleasing.  With the added bonus of the tax credit being offered for purchasing this stove, this stove is an overall excellent choice.  However before making a final purchase decision consider the dimensions of your home and whether or not this stove will meet your needs.

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