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Jotul returns with their F 3 wood-burning stove as another addition to their line of wood stoves. The Jotul brand is know for efficient stoves that are often seen as decorative pieces as well.  The Jotul F 3 has a number of key features which make this model unique.  This stove also has a number of advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other models from Jotul.  Before deciding on this model as a secondary heat source for the home, potential buyers should carefully examine the features of this stove.

Key Features

  • Made of durable cast iron.
  • Has a height of 707mm, a width of 577mm, a depth of 367mm, and a weight of 106kg.
  • Has a maximum heat output approximately 6-9 kW.
  • Has flue outlets on the top, rear, or side.
  • The height to the center rear flue is 522mm.
  • Can have 12mm hearth, or can be set on a non-flammable surface such as a tile floor.
  • Maximum length of the logs (max. log capacity) is 460mm.
  • Optional accessories include multi-fuel grate, ash-pan and bottom tray, and fire screen.

One of the advantages that the Jotul F 3 has is the fact that you can build a fire effortlessly. It is easy to do because it requires less wood, and it is very easy to light up. The Jotul F 3 provides a highly efficient ash bed where the wood will burn, and does not require any cleaning afterwards. This distinguishes the Jotul F 3 from other models of its kind, and stoves in general.
If using hardwood, the Jotul F 3 can burn for up to eight hours. This is similar to other stoves, but is unique because it requires little amount of wood, therefore can burn for even longer, wasting less. This makes it extremely energy efficient, and ideal for households to use during the winter. Its small size but large screen makes it the most ideal stove, both in terms of a fire view, as well as the heating itself. If you look closely, it doesn’t have a bad heating capacity at all. In fact, it’s quite good for its size and manufacturer. In comparison to other stoves, it may not provide as much heat, but most of the time it is too much in other stoves. The viewing area of the fire is exceptionally big when compared to other stoves, and may be one of the largest ones out there. If you’re looking for a nice view, this is the ideal stove.

The Jotul F 3 has very efficient slider vents that are easy-to-use and do not break. This will help you control the ventilation and output of heat through the house or area being heated. However, users have reported if any water gets on the surface of the Jotul F 3, it will rust based on the severity of the spill. In order to avoid such things, water must be kept away from the, stove and ceilings must be checked for any leaks.
If you are not an experienced wood burner and cannot fully understand the specifications, features, or advantages, then don’t worry, because this stove has everything you could possibly look for in a wood burning stove in general. It has heating, it has a view, it is easy to transport, and it can very easily be assembled. Keep in mind that this model of the stove is not expensive, and has a lifetime warranty. What more could you want?

Final Thoughts
This heater is highly efficient which make this stove very attractive. Most people who buy this wood-burning stove enjoy it and keep it for ridiculously long periods of time. The wood burns on a bed of ash, rather than having some sort of grate. This has been said to be the best way of burning wood in a stove. A built-in, yet extremely effective airwash system keeps the large windows clean and free of condensation, allowing you to enjoy the large view of the fire.

Want to get cozy and warm in the winter time? Whether you’re at home, or at a cottage – this is the wood burning stove for you


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