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Jotul F 100 Nordic

General Review:

Jotul has been in the business of making stoves for a long time, and it continues its tradition with the Jotul F 100 Nordic.  This particular model is a wood burning stove. The stove itself has creative and decorative lattice work resembling a Norwegian sweater pattern in addition to a number of other unique features. If you’re looking to heat up areas such as cottages, camps, or other smaller living areas, the Jotul F 100 Nordic stove is yet another option available from Jotul.

In terms of the look and feel of the Jotul F 100 Nordic, there are options that you have when buying it. You can choose the Flue Collar Heat Shield, often used with the double-wall connector pipe, or you could choose from the different colors available: matte black paint or blue/black porcelain enamel. Based on the area you are trying to heat, certain types of the stove will suit it better in terms of the look and feel.

The heating capacity for the Jotul F 100 is 600 – 1000 sq. feet, with 75% efficiency. The emissions are three grams per hour, with a maximum burn time of three to six hours. The maximum output/cordwood is 35,000 BTU per hour, and a maximum log length of 16”.

Dimensions for the Jotul F 100 Nordic do not vary, but previous versions can be purchased if size does not correspond with your heating space. The current dimensions are 22.5"H x 21"W x 17.5"D, and a total weight of 215 lbs. (excluding the logs put in afterwards).

You must remember that based on the wood used, as well as the home construction and elevation, the heating capacity may vary.

Key Features

  • The largest fire viewing area for any woodstove of its size.

  • Double-wall rear as well as bottom heat shields providing sufficient clearances.

  • Ciron Firebox Alcove™ (approved for the U.S. and Canada).

  • Non-catalytic clean burn system.

  • Capable of rearing or topping the vent.

  • Creative burn plates to enhance visual attraction.

  • Clean glass not affected by the flame, allowing a picture-perfect view of the fire.

  • Buying the stove comes with a five year limited warranty, with ability to request refund or item renewal.


There are certain advantages that the Jotul F 100 has, that other stoves of its kind and in general do not. A clean glass allows consistent picture-perfect viewing of the fire. Other stoves consist of glass that is easily affected by the temperature both inside and outside of the stove, which creates condensation.

This stove comes in a variety of designs, but most commonly in a Norwegian sweater pattern. These patterns can be extremely attractive, and correspondent to most room environments. Other stoves usually come in a single color. They may possibly consist of two or more, but with little variety in terms of option.

Burning is very clean and consistent for longer periods of time, lasting up to 6-8 hours, but varied depending on the type of wood. It provides heat and is very energy efficient.


Users have reported that log placement can be difficult to maintain with the Jotul F 100, seeing as how the logs often roll over and hit the glass. This blocks the view of the fire and can also leave marks on the glass, also blocking the view of the fire.

The have also been reports that Jotul F 100 does not burn through coal and requires more attention in terms of keeping the interior clean and ready for the next burning of wood.

Final Thoughts:

People were not really pleased with this the unit thanks to the previously mentioned disadvantages.  In general this manufacturer is highly regarded as a producer of quality stoves, so the issue apparently lies with this particular model.


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