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Jotul F 118 Black Bear

General Review:

One of the most popular Jotul stoves is back. The Jotul Black Bear 118 offers a simple elegance that will look good in any home. This stove is designed to fit into any room that you would choose to put it in. It will add a great second heat source for your home. The Jotul Black Bear was made with only the highest quality craftsmanship. The stove is a Norwegian style, offering a bit of culture with an engraved decorative front plate written in Norwegian. The stove is only offered in one color: matte flat black. This is a wonderful old world style stove that will fit in with the décor of any home.

The design of this stove is a combination of the simplicity and utility of the original model with new age fuel combustion technology. The stove offers a fully working cook plate along with its clean burn efficiency. The color and the design of this stove feature a simplistic old world style. The air washed glass offers a clear view of the flames, creating a wonderful ambiance. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to owning this stove. As with any product you are looking into buying, you should do some research to determine whether or not this stove is right for your home.

Key Features

  • Incorporates Jotul’s cross flow non-catalytic secondary combustion system.
  • Has minimum emissions and high efficiency.
  • “Cigar burn” offers the maximum amount of burn time using the least amount of coals.
  • Has a fully functional cook plate.
  • Has a maximum heat output of 60,000 BTU/hr.
  • Has a burn time of up to 8 hours.
  • Operates over 75% efficiency.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • Heats up to 1800 sq. ft.
  • Has multiple flue outlets: Top, side, and rear.
  • Has rear and side heat shield, and fire screen accessories.


One of the biggest advantages of this stove is the low emissions it creates. A nice perk that comes with this stove is a $1500 tax credit because it is environmentally friendly. If you want to take advantage of the tax credit you need to make sure that you buy your stove from an authorized seller.

This stove offers great output and can heat up to 1800 square feet. It holds up to 20 inch logs that will burn efficiently. The design of the stove allows wood to continue burning for up to 8 hours keeping your house warm all through the night. With over 75% efficiency this stove makes the wood you chop last through the winter.

The stove only needs to be cleaned out once every 4 or 5 weeks, making it simple to keep running. Some of the accessories that come with the stove include a rear and side heat shield and a fire screen.  This stove was made to last. There have been reports of people using this stove without it breaking down for many years. The design, technology, and materials used in making this stove are all of the best quality which means that it is sure to last.


Along with the advantages there are a few disadvantages. There have been complaints that it does not work well during extremely cold weather. The firebox is small, and when you use coal as fuel it makes adding wood more difficult. Another problem is there is no ash pan, which will make cleaning somewhat difficult. It also means that ashes tend to go all over the room. There are also reports that it tends to get really smoky in certain situations, such as the first time it is used after a period of non-usage. Moving the stove can be difficult as it weighs 340 pounds.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for an alternative heating source, the Jotul Black Bear may be a good choice for your home. The stove is well designed and will fit into any room. The narrowness of the design makes it a good fit in smaller rooms. You will need to take into account the space you want to use it for. The unique Norwegian design can make it a great talking point for your home.

With the tax benefit being offered and the high rating of efficiency this stove will make an excellent choice for many homes.

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