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Harman P43

Harman P43 Pellet Stove

General Review:

The Harman P43 is one of their more recent models, but is already getting rave reviews. Its a more advanced version of the P38, with additional technology built in. It a little bit pricy, with most of them going for around $3000, and more for installation, setup, and delivery. During the off season check around, as I have seen them dip down to $2500 occasionally. In any case, they can run about $1000 more than the P38, so you'll have to see if that makes sense for you.

Key Features

The hopper extension to 110 lbs is a good idea, especially if you like extended burning times.

  • Rated up to 1400 sq. ft.
  • 50 lb hopper capacity
  • Temperature sensing probe
  • 43000 BTU
  • Auto start
  • Temperature sensor
  • Multifuel pellet capable
  • Thermostat capable


A big advantage of this stove is that it can burn standard wood pellets, and also a mix of wood pellets and corn. It will also take pellets that are nearly any grade. You'll definitely save quite a bit on fuel. While the manual recommends a dedicated fresh air intake, I've heard of several installs that have not needed it, which can make the installation and placement easier. It has a very solid ignition system and is very reliable on that end.


Like most of the Harmans, its a good idea to regularly clear out your burn pot. With these, the corn burning especially can clog up the works a little bit.

Final Thoughts:

Having a multifuel burner in the lineup for Harman makes a lot of sense. Despite a little more cleanup with corn building, its still much less than most other stoves. Its a little more pricey than the P38, so if you like the additional features and need them, go for it. Otherwise the P38 can satisfy most home heating who don't need the temperature sensing probe, autowash, and other bells and whistles.


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